Property Valuations

We carry out valuation for all types of property including:

  • Residential.
  • Commercial
  • Industrial property, including plant and machinery.
  • Agricultural properties including ranches, flower farms & horticultural enterprises.
  • Institutional properties.
  • Hotels/ Hospitality properties.
  • Movable assets among others.

The purposes of valuation carried out include:

  • Mortgage- Used for appraisal by banks, insurance companies and pension funds.
  • Sale/Purchase purposes.
  • Rental assessement.
  • Insurance.
  • Accounting/ Book keeping purposes.
  • Taxation purposes e.g. Rating and stamp duty.
  • Compulsory acquisition of land by the Governmant.
  • Determination of Reserve price, among others.

The valuation profession in Kenya is regulated by the Valuers Registration Board and the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya.

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