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Selling Your Home in Kenya

Posted by Vension on May 27, 2014
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What does it take to sell a house fast? It is important to know you cannot just make sales by having many houses (to sell). Houses do not just sell by being displayed at a home expos or being advertised in newspapers and other media. Today’s market is very competitive, with numerous agencies selling nearly similar properties. This then means if you have to beat them, you must have the right price. Some of us over price houses, especially in high seasons and end up losing potential buyers. The right price is key, under pricing is not the best option, either. If you are the owner and not sure of how to go about selling, find a credible agent who is well-informed and with a good reputation. The good news is that there are many established real estate agencies in the country who can help you sell your property.
Always ensure the property you are selling is in good condition. If you are intending to sell your house, ensure every part is in perfect condition. When selling, be present on site. Many buyers will insist on meeting the owner before a transaction. I advertise some of our high-end properties in newspapers with details such as price, location of the property and the contact number. Bad habit However, serious buyers will still insist on seeing me. Buyers feel more secure when dealing with the owner. Seek an expert opinion before committing yourself to any deal. Let a housing expert assess the house you are selling. Doing so can help save you many things, as you will be able to correct areas that need to be corrected before inviting a buyer. Also adopt a good marketing strategy. Before deciding which platform to use, carry out a research and have your potential customers in mind. Today, you can easily display your house on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among other social media platforms. One easy way of winning over customers through social media is to provide enough and clear photographs of the property. Perhaps you can have six to 10 images of your house from different angles. If you are constructing a house for sale, ensure the location is easy to access. Ensure the place is secure and has vital social amenities. It is also important to keep “updating your house”; ensure everything is intact so that a potential buyer does not get disappointed. One of the bad ways of selling a house is relying fully on agents. I have seen many house owners who just hand over the key to the agent and walk away. This can be very costly. Some of these houses need repair and installations. When you give them to an agent in such a condition, he or she will have to find a way of fixing the problems. You should thus expect low returns. Inspect your house before handing it over to the agents. The duty of an agent is to market and sell houses, not repairing them. If today you give me such a house and someone else gives me a house in a good condition, no matter how expensive your house is, I will go for the one in good condition as I will be sure of selling it. I don’t want to sell a house that forces me to beg buyers. Expert opinion Do not pick a real estate agent because they are cheap and readily available. Select an agent based on their knowledge and experience in the property market. The other habit that hinders house sellers is assuming buyers will come looking for you. You might find some coming to look for you, but this is not always the case. Go out there and speak for yourself; give them a reason to follow you. Technology has made many people lazy. Gone are the days when people used to go from one estate to another looking for houses. Today, buyers shop online. So thinking that people will come looking for you is a myth; just rise up and take a walk. Be creative and make good use of every available platform.

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